Hip-Hop Did Not Begin How You Think It Did

Friend of BRTE Chaz Kangas put together this really awesome Hip-Hop history that everyone should read.

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"One thing that helps me deal with anxiety, stress, tumult, and worry that especially centers on my good circumstances being threatened; is to insert gratitude in the mix. I mean by that, worry does not coexist with gratitude in your heart."

nice words spoken to me this week.

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"God raised his love for human beings above every reproach of falsehood and doubt and uncertainty by himself entering into the life of human beings as a human being, by bodily taking upon himself and bearing the nature, essence, guilt, and sufferings of human beings. Out of love of human beings, God becomes a human being. He does not seek out the most perfect human being in order to unite with that person. Rather, he takes on human nature as is. This is about the birth of a child, not the astonishing work of a strong man, not the bold discovery of a wise man, not the pious work of a saint. It really is beyond all our understanding: the birth of a child shall bring about the great change, shall bring to all mankind salvation and deliverance."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer